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Sugarpill Cosmetics has officially launched! 
09:48pm 07/02/2010
My new makeup line Sugarpill has officially launched!!

Click to check it out, and enter code "hello15" to receive 15% off your entire order.


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boys!!! Where are you????? 
06:36pm 22/04/2007
mood: awake
...let's say it's not active here lately...anybody still a boy in paint, or know any...?

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10:56pm 27/04/2006
  Hello, I just joined and would like to offer you all a link to my MySpace, full of pictures of myself in all my painted glory.  I shop near-exclusivly (for make-up) are Sephora and Nordstroms, mostly on brands like Hard Candy, MAC, Too-faced, Dior, Clinique, Urban Decay, and such.  The end.  

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10:47am 04/01/2006
  vapour trailsCollapse )  

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02:05pm 03/11/2005
mood: content

A Little of Me for a Little of You.


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09:27am 03/11/2005
  since no one's posting, here's a couple

fight clubCollapse )

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Yay for lovely boys 
03:47am 03/10/2005
  My friend Evil let me put eyeshadow on him. He's a pretty fucker, isn't he? Can't believe he's straight.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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03:06am 09/09/2005

hello boys.  you guys have way better makeup than any of the girls in mac communities... so f them a little bit... i like you better. hee hee.
i dont know if im allowed.......bc i have a vagina...but i want to play with you in this journal.      this is a picture of me and my boyfriend. isnt he cute? ( see he is a boy! so i guess that counts for im a girl plus bonus boy...and he rocks at makeup..look we matched! i <3 him)


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06:38pm 31/08/2005
mood: bored
Ok... I hope I am good enough. Pictures are in chronological order.

a few collected picturesCollapse )

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10:02pm 17/07/2005
  hey guys IM new.
live in NYC And florida.
love wearing make up
here are my pictures

more pictureCollapse )

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Long Lost Mod Post 
10:45pm 23/06/2005
  Just so you know, paint_boys will no longer be a voting community. I'll still approve new members; but clearly no one's really taken to the voting thing anyway. Maybe this way, people will feel more comfortable posting photos.  

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12:47pm 03/06/2005
  this is old, but i haven't posted a picture yet. i played elvis at work.

hiCollapse )

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12:23am 03/06/2005
  Hi, I'm Stephanie. I have had a thing for guys in makeup since around the seventh grade, and I honestly think all boys in the entire world should wear it. Though it's probably a good thing that they don't, as then I'd be randomly humping complete strangers in public places, which leads to unfortunate circumstances. (Not that I speak from experience.)

La fin. :)

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01:15am 08/05/2005
  this is the first post i've made of makeup i've done on a boy lol. the first boy to finally let me!

dan!Collapse )

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viva glam 
12:33am 19/04/2005
mood: bored
took a shot at copying Christina's Viva Glam look, didnt have the glitters or the massive amount of eye area since I still have my brows, but I tried for the basic feel

It's about time to end up pretending to be impassiveCollapse )


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hot boy in makeup 
03:49pm 05/04/2005
Photographer Grégory Derkenne...model is Chris Corner from I AM X and The Sneaker Pimps

Read more...Collapse )

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Generic Introductory Post 
02:26am 04/04/2005
  I'm Cassidy
I have a fetish for boys in makeup
I pretty much think that says it all

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02:35am 31/03/2005

i forgot who did the makeup on this. whoops! sorry.

not much, but at least im posting something ;D

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Introductory Post 
05:45pm 29/03/2005
mood: happy

I'm female, and don't have a gorgeous boyfriend to paint on, but I adore seeing men in make-up, so I am pleased to be part of this community!!

Incidentally I'm also very bad at intro posts, so I apologise for that!

Lucy xxx

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as requested! 
05:31pm 21/03/2005
mood: (:
these are oldd, but i thought i'd post 'em anyway.

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