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Paint Boys

For Boys Who Can Paint

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About paint_boys

paint_boys was created for men who wear and do makeup and those who like to see pictures of those men. It's a fairly simple concept. Share photos of yourself in makeup (if you're a guy) or your favorite photos of men in makeup (if you're a girl or a guy who doesn't wear makeup).

What sets paint_boys apart from other communities for men in makeup is its expectations. paint_boys is taking it to the next level and demanding of the men who apply the same skill that is demanded of the women in other communities. That means paint_boys is not a place for poor quality webcam pictures of poorly applied eyeliner.

paint_boys is about the makeup first. Men come second.

Membership is totally open, and paint_boys is no longer a voting community.

The Rules

There is no limit to the amount of photos you can post (within reason), but keep the images a reasonable size and anything after the first two images must be placed behind a cut.

Photos must be of men in makeup. Women can include photos of themselves in their introductory post if they want to.

Image posts that are not work safe must be made friends only and put behind a cut that warns people it is not image safe. For this community, anything that shows nudity below the shoulder (nipples ain't work safe, even if they're on a dude) or extremely suggestive poses should be placed behind a cut. Feel free to post whatever you want as long it's tasteful and relevant to the community. What is or is not tasteful is at the discretion of the mod.

NO promoting other communities without the mod's permission.
NO posting makeup for sale or swap.
NO asking for makeup for sale or swap.
NO asking for elementary makeup tips ("what color would go good with my eyes?")
Off-topic posts will be deleted.